I Don't Know

I don't know why Al's work has impressed me so much over the years. I (seriously) have tried to analyze what it is, and in the end I find it to be an almost emotional experience. Living far away from Broadway for most of my life, his art brought me a feeling of almost being there..... on levels that a simple pen and ink drawing shouldn't be able to accomplish. I could hear the swish of the costumes, smell the greasepaint, vibrate with the score and feel the power of the spoken dialogue. How is that possible, I ask you?
The entertainment section of the NYT has not been the same, and it was almost like being cut off from an addictive substance when he left us. Thank-you so very much for giving me back my drug. Love to all.

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Hirschfeld described Whoopi Goldberg as "a remarkable talent, completely uninhibited, Whatever faults she had, she exaggerated them, she didn't try to cover them up any way. She was a joy to draw." "Hirschfeld is the only man who can draw my attention on Sunday morning," claims Whoopi Goldberg. She wrote about her admiration for the artist in Hirschfeld On Line and she spoke at the dedication of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. The two enjoyed each other's company as well as each other's work.