Hirschfeld's Women
Celebrating Women's History Month
Mar 21, 2017
Even More T-shirts

Last year we debuted our exclusive t-shirts of Peter Pan and What’s My Line. Today we are excited to offer 4 new styles of shirt! These four designs were made for BroadwayCon 2017.

Mar 20, 2017
Eureka! Two New Discoveries

After more than twenty-five years researching Hirschfeld’s work, dozens of exhibitions, thousands of clippings, posters and all sorts of printed ephemera, one would think we have documented all of Hirschfeld’s work. We have over 8,000 individual drawings listed on our website (nearly 6,000 of them with images) and we have scoured many archives to find images. We think we have more than 95% of what Hirschfeld drew in our database, with the earliest work from the 1920s, both before and after he discovered caricature, to be the period with the most “missing” works.