"sharpy family"

Published December 7, 1941


Sharpy Family From Harlem As Seen by Hirschfeld. Lithograph, 1941



When you look at this Hirschfeld you know it’s Sunday afternoon on the promenade in Harlem, an historical Harlem that exists in photographs and memories of old Harlem residents. Sundays were the days when maids, deliverymen, mechanics and hairdressers who were invisible downtown, became visible socialites and peacocks wearing the latest fashions and trends—contrary to the movie stereotypes of the time.

The family unit out walking the Harlem promenade. Listen…can’t you hear the music of Duke or Cab? Hey, maybe they are on their way to dinner or maybe they are just out for a stroll. So proud and beautiful, knowing that on Monday as they head back to work downtown, assuming the cloak of invisibility once more, they live in a world, a microcosm, which few knew; a magical world that came to life on Sundays on the promenade in Harlem.

Al gives us a visual insight into our past and I can’t thank him enough.

-Whoopi Goldberg

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