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Published August 8, 1991


Shirley MacLaine, Stephen King, Dan Rather, Gloria Steinem. Publisher's Weekly 8/8/91.



Clockwise from top left: Shirley MacLaine, Stephen King, Gloria Steinem, and Dan Rather

In 1991 Scribner’s published Hirschfeld: Art and Recollections from Eight Decades and the publishing world was so excited that the bible of the industry, Publisher’s Weekly, commissioned a cover of four authors who had books coming out in the new season, Hirschfeld only drawing for the publication. Shirley MacLaine wrote a new memoir, Dance While You Can, which looked at her life through the lens of acting in the film, Postcards from the Edge. Stephen King had two new books, The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands and Needful Things. Gloria Steinem published a memoir, Revolution from Within, that was subtitled “A Book of Self-Esteem.” Television broadcaster and journalist Dan Rather co-authored I Remember with Peter Wyden that detailed his youth in in Texas during the late 1930s and early 1940s.

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