Episode 37 – The American Theatre as seen by Hirschfeld 1962-2002

Join Al Hirschfeld Foundation Creative Director David Leopold and Archives Manager Katherine Eastman as they pursue the new book The American Theatre as seen by Hirschfeld 1962-2002. We guarantee you’ll see something you’ve never seen before!


Comedians of 1963 (page 24)

Jennifer West in Diamond Orchid (page 51)

Eartha Kitt in Timbuktu (page 84)

Dancin’ (page 102)

The Entertainer (page 113)

On Your Toes (page 160)

Largely New York (page 173)

Colm Wilkinson and Terrance Mann (page 163)

Six Leading Ladies (page 202)

Chimere (page 222)

Dance of Death (page 235)

Tommy Tune in White Tie and Tails (page 241)

The American Theatre Book Trailer


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