Episode 11 – Rock N Roll

From Elvis to Britney, get ready to rock!


Elvis Presley (1956)

The Beatles and the Singing Nun

The Monkees

The David Frost Show

Kid Galahad

Follow That Dream

Bye Bye Birdie

Elvis Presley (’68 Comeback Special)

Ringo Starr

Jane Fonda / Warren Beatty


Creative Management Association


Sentiment Stages a Comeback

The World of Culture in 1977

Season Preview 1984-1985

Dick Clark

Playboy Music Poll



The Pointer Sisters

The Beatles

Elvis Presley (Blue Suede Shoes)

Bruce Springsteen

Jerry Garcia

The Grateful Dead

Bob Dylan

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Neil Young

Billy Joel

Clive Davis

Phil Ramone

Yoko Ono

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince


Sonny & Cher

Time Magazine Artists of the Century (Armstrong)

Time Magazine Artists of the Century (Dylan)

Céline Dion

Alicia Keys

Britney Spears


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Episode 10 – Elia Kazan

Join us as we explore the works of the controversial/legendary entertainment figure, Elia Kazan


Elia Kazan

Lee Strasberg

Harold Clurman

Stella Adler


Eugene O’Neill

George Kaufman

Sidney Kingsley

Men in White

Gold Eagle Guy

Waiting for Lefty

Till the Day That I Die

Clifford Odets

The Case of Clyde Griffith

Golden Boy

The Young Goes First

Casey Jones

The Grateful Dead

Thunder Rock

Night Music



Five Alarm Waltz

Cafe Crown

Sam Jaffe

Skin of Our Teeth

The Lively Years

Watch on the Rhine

One Touch of Venus

Jacobwosky and the Colonel

Sundown Beach

All My Sons

A Streetcar Named Desire

Around the World in 80 Cliches (Westward, Ha!)


Tennessee Williams Program

Death of A Salesman

Senator Joseph McCarthy

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Manhattan Oases

Jerome Robbins

On the Waterfront

Marlon Brando

James Dean

Raymond Massey

Julie Harris

Jo Van Fleet

Lois Smith

Burl Ives

United Artists

Defiant Ones

Arthur Miller

Camino Real

The Rose Tattoo

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Breaking into the Movies

Marco Millions

The Arrangement

The Miracle Worker


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