Episode 43 – Brooks Atkinson & The Lively Years

David & Katherine celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of The Lively Years, a collaboration by Al Hirschfeld and his friend, theater critic Brooks Atkinson, featuring over 80 old and new drawings by Hirschfeld looking back at over 50 years of American theatre.

Follow along with the show notes to view the works mentioned in this episode:

Brooks Atkinson

Our Town

The Visit, 1958

R.U.R., 1973 

Waiting For Godot

Summer and Smoke, 1952

Arthur Miller

The Beautiful People, 1941

Sidney Lumet

Critic and Artist Escaping the Theater, 1948

Guys and Dolls, 1950

The Iceman Cometh, 1946

The Cradle Will Rock, 1938 (with added “Nina”)

Born Yesterday, 1946 (Right Side) 

Henry Hull in Tobacco Road (1935)

Winterset – 1935 & 1973

Idiot’s Delight (1973)

Golden Boy (1973)

Abe Lincoln in Illinois: 1938 (Original)1971 (Pulitzer Prize series)1973

Watch On The Rhine: 19411973

There Shall Be No Night: 19401973

The Skin of Our Teeth: 19421973 

Bury The Dead, 1973

Osgood Perkins (Lively Years Cover), 1973

One Third of a Nation, 1973

Nathan George in No Place To Be Somebody, 1973

Lost In The Stars: Black Theater Makers Drawn By Hirschfeld – Online Exhibition

Hair, 1968

West Side Story, 1957

Raisin in the Sun, 1973

Lena Horne

Hirschfeld’s Original Drawings for The Lively Years (1973)


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