Episode 40 – Hirschfeld in the 21st Century

Join Al Hirschfeld Foundation Creative Director David Leopold and Archives Manager Katherine Eastman as they take a look at Hirschfeld’s works in the 21st Century in honor of his 120th birthday on June 21st. From Friends on TV, to Academy Award nominees, to Reba on Broadway and more; hear about the final works in Al Hirschfeld’s career and how his legacy lives on today.

The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001

Gangs of New York, 2002

2000 Academy Award Nominees

Groucho Marx, 2000

Comedians at Lunch, 2000

The Sopranos, 2001



The West Wing, 2001

Will & Grace

American Flag (TV Guide), 2001

Ally McBeal, 1999

Riverdance, 2000

Jacob’s Pillow, 2001

The Conductors of the Philadelphia Orchestra, 2002

Reba McEntire, 2001

42nd Street, 2001

Oklahoma!, 2002

Oklahoma (Other Drawings)

David Mamet and Ricky Jay – On the Stem, 2002

Harry Houdini, 2002

Tony Nominees – Special Theatrical Event: Barbara CookBea ArthurJohn LeguizamoElaine Stritch 

Self-Portrait, 2002

Self-Portrait for the Fog Museum, 1985

Inkwell Self-Portrait, 1980

Mary Rodgers, 2000

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