Episode 44 – Disney

The Al Hirschfeld Foundation team celebrates Disney’s 100th anniversary through Al Hirschfeld’s unique relationship with the company including Hirschfeld’s critical reviews of early Disney films, his depictions of their characters, and Disney Animation’s tributes to Hirschfeld in the films Aladdin and Fantasia 2000!

Follow along with the show notes to view the works mentioned in this episode:

Hollywood Party, 1934

“Mickey Mouse Can Be All Things To All Men”, 1937

Marge Champion

Alexander King

Hirschfeld’s Reviews of Disney Films

Walt Disney, 1938 (For Snow White Review)

Ray Bolger

Eric Goldberg Interview on “The Hirschfeld Century Podcast” (2019)

New International Casino, 1937

The Movies, 1954

Television Personalities/Me and the Set, 1955

Ice Capades, 1958 (with the Seven Dwarfs)

Freddie Trinkler in Stars on Ice, 1942

Walt Disney, 1955 (For Colliers Magazine)

Disney Characters Around the Algonquin Round Table, 1973

The Algonquin Round Table, 1962

Mary Poppins, 1990 (Two Drawings)

Americans in London (w/Walt Disney), 1952

Omnibus, 1952 (Featuring Walt Disney and Scenes from Peter Pan)

Walt Disney, 1955 (For Colliers Magazine)

“Noises Off” Poster, 1992

Eric Goldberg (w/ the Genie), 1995

Solid Sender from “Harlem as seen by Hirschfeld”, 1941

George Gershwin

Mitzi Mayfair

Carl Barks, 1999

Brad Bird and Family, 2002


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