Episode 22 – Laurel and Hardy

Happy birthday, Oliver Hardy! David Leopold and Katherine Eastman are here for all, yes ALL, your Laurel and Hardy needs.



Star Trek

The Cher Show

New Drawings, courtesy of Jay Polk

Hirschfeld Auctions


1929 Yearbook


Laurel and Hardy in bed

Louisiana Purchase

Another Fine Mess

MGM Yearbook

Pardon Us

Pack Up Your Troubles

Devil’s Brothers

Busy Bodies

Sons of the Desert

Hail Hal Roach

Babes in Toyland

Hollywood Party

Oliver Hardy Mask

Stan Laurel Mask

Bonnie Scotland

Bohemian Girl

Our Relations

Swiss Miss

Air Raid Wardens

Nothing But Trouble

The Movies

Mural Wallpaper

1969 Drawing

Laurel and Hardy in an Oval


1991 Stamps

Here’s Looking At You



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One thought on “Episode 22 – Laurel and Hardy

  1. Wonderful, as always!

    A drawing worth pointing out for the subject of Laurel and Hardy is the “On the Twentieth Century” NYTimes musical spread. Dean Dittmar and George Coe are drawn to more closely resemble the comic duo than the actors themselves.

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