Episode 38 – Bali

Join Al Hirschfeld Foundation Creative Director David Leopold and Archives Manager Katherine Eastman as they recall Hirschfeld’s pivotal trip to Bali that changed his career forever!


Sydney Chaplin, Man on the Box (1925)

On Ze Boulevard (1927)

Fred Allen

George Kaufman

Marx Brothers


Miquel Covarrubias


Charlie Chaplin

Sydney Chaplin

Al & Flo’s Letter to the Chaplins

Sunnyside Poster (1927)

Art Students League – Study

Fanny Brice and George Jessel, 1932

S.J. Perelman

The Great Dictator (1940)

Charlie Chaplin – Smiling, Man With Both Feet (1942)

Charlie Chapin “A Balinese Girl Dances Like This” (1942)

Swiss Family Perelman

Balinese Pastiche (1950)

Rhythm Series – Le Gong Bali (1970)

Show Business is No Business

Charlie Chaplin “Back View” (1981)

Silent Screen Stars Stamps (1994)


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