Episode 8 – Hello, Dolly!

This week, we talk all things Hello, Dolly! and of course, Carol Channing


Carol Channing

Hello, Dolly

Alec Guinness is Dylan

Eve Arden

What’s Cookin’ On Broadway

Mothers on Broadway

Troubled Fathers

Villains on Broadway

Husbands and Wives on Broadway

Supporting Players Whose Numbers Stopped Their Musical Shows

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The Merchant of Yonkers

Our Town

The Matchmaker

David Merrick

Ethel Merman

Milk and Honey

Louis Armstrong

Celine Dion


Mary Martin


Merrick and 3 Dolly’s

Hello, Lyndon!

Johnson’s Inauguration

Unlikely Casting

Famous Feuds

Dolly Collage

Bette Midler as Hello Dolly


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